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The region where Atlanta and its suburbs were built was originally Creek and Cherokee Native American territory. In 1813, the Creek, who had been recruited by the British to assist them in the War of 1812, attacked and burned Fort Mims in southwestern Alabama. The conflict broadened and became known as the Creek War. In response, the United States built a string of forts along the Ocmulgee and Chattahoochee Rivers, including Fort Daniel on top of Hog Mountain near present-day Dacula, Georgia, and Fort Gilmer. Fort Gilmer was situated next to an important Indian site called Standing Peachtree, named after a large tree which is believed to have been a pine tree (the name referred to the pitch or sap that flowed from it). The word "pitch" was misunderstood for "peach," thus the site's name. The site traditionally marked a Native American meeting place at the boundary between Creek and Cherokee lands, at the point where Peachtree Creek flows into the Chattahoochee. The fort was soon renamed Fort Peachtree. A road was built linking Fort Peachtree and Fort Daniel following the route of existing trails.

As part of the systematic removal of Native Americans from northern Georgia from 1802 to 1825, the Creek ceded the area that is now Metro Atlanta in 1821. Four months later, the Georgia Land Lottery Act created five new counties in the area that would later become Atlanta. Dekalb County was created in 1822, from portions of Henry, Fayette, and Gwinnett Counties, and Decatur was created as its county seat the following year.  As part of the land lottery, Archibald Holland received a grant for District 14, Land Lot 82: an area of 202.5 acres near the present-day Coca-Cola headquarters. Holland farmed the land and operated a blacksmith shop. However, the land was low-lying and wet, so his cows often became mired in the mud. He left the area in 1833 to farm in Paulding County.

In 1830 an Inn was established which would be known as Whitehall due to the then-unusual fact that it had a coat of white paint when most other buildings were of washed or natural wood. Later, Whitehall Street would be built as the road from Atlanta to Whitehall. The Whitehall area would be renamed West End in 1867 and is the oldest intact Victorian neighborhood of Atlanta.

In 1835, some leaders of the Cherokee Nation ceded their territory to the United States without the consent of the majority of the Cherokee people in exchange for land out west under the Treaty of New Echota, an act that led to the Trail of Tears.

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1. This city went through four names—Terminus, Thrasherville, Marthasville, and Atlantica-Pacifica, respectively—before it was dubbed Atlanta.

2. There are more than 50 streets in the greater Atlanta area with the name Peachtree.

3. The Varsity doles out approximately 3 million servings of Coca-Cola each year.

4. On the Georgia Tech campus, the school's tradition is for a steam whistle to blow five minutes before the hour, every hour, from 7:55 a.m. until 5:55 p.m.

5. In Atlanta, it's against the law to tie a giraffe to a street lamp or telephone pole.

6. Atlanta is home to the busiest airport in the world, the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

7. Atlanta hosted the 1996 Summer Olympics, and the Centennial Olympic Park remains a centerpiece in the city.

8. MODA, or the Museum of Design Atlanta, is the only design museum in the southeast United States.

9. Atlanta hosted the Atlanta International Pop Festival, one month before Woodstock, that had several of the same bands of the famous festival.

10. The Atlanta Braves are the oldest continually operating professional sports franchise in the country. The team started as the Boston Red Stockings in 1871 before it moved to Atlanta in 1966.

11. Atlanta has produced hip-hop artists Outkast, T.I., Ludacris, Waka Flocka, Cee Lo, Lil Jon, Jermaine Dupri, and so many more stars.

12. Grant Park's Zoo Atlanta houses the country's largest populations of both gorillas and orangutans.

13. The largest multicultural festival in the Southeast U.S. is Piedmont Parks' Festival Peachtree Latino, held annually in Atlanta to celebrate the city's Hispanic population.

14. Atlanta's symbol is a phoenix, representing the fact that it's the only U.S. city to have ever been destroyed by an act of war. It was burned by General Sherman.

15. The world headquarters of news network CNN is located in downtown Atlanta at the CNN Center.

16. The Carter Center and Presidential Library, where you can see Jimmy Carter's memorabilia from his administration, is located in Atlanta.

17. The list of famous people from Atlanta seems interminable. For actors and actresses, there's Elle and Dakota Fanning, Jane Fonda, Holly Hunter, Ed Helms, Raven-Symoné, Chris Tucker, Julia Roberts…

18. Every year, Atlanta hosts DragonCon, a multi-genre convention and parade focused mainly on science fiction, fantasy, and comic books.

19. At one point, it was illegal for someone in Atlanta to carry an ice cream cone in their back pocket on Sundays.

20. The U.K. punk band the Sex Pistols played their first American show in Atlanta at the Great Southeast Music Hall.

21. The headquarters of Coca-Cola, along with the World of Coca-Cola exhibition, is located in Atlanta.

22. Every year, Atlanta holds the Atlanta Film Festival, which features international movies and is considered a qualifying festival for the Academy Awards.

23. Emory University has the largest collection of ancient art across the Southeast of the United States, located in its Michael C. Carlos Museum.

24. Georgia State University students operate the Cinefest Film Theatre that hosts several 35mm film festivals and plays independent, art house, and revival movies. It's free to all Georgia State students.

25. It's against the law in Atlanta for one man to carry another man on his back. Women are not subject to this law.

26. In 2003, Atlanta's Little Five Points Halloween Festival—a parade and costume contest held the weekend before Halloween—won the International Festival and Events Association's Best Festival award.

27. Margaret Mitchell wrote the novel “Gone With the Wind” in Atlanta.

28. Atlanta Pride is America's largest gay pride festival. Atlanta Black Pride is the world's largest black gay pride celebration.

29. Atlanta has the only canopy-level pathway of its kind in the whole country: the Kendeda Canopy Walk, a 600-foot long and 40-foot high urban forest skywalk inside the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

30. Atlanta is the birthplace of civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

31. Dooley’s Week is an Emory University tradition during which a skeleton of Lord Dooley roams campus to let students out of class, if they can answer a trivia question about his own history. The week ends with a massive costume ball.

32. In Atlanta, it is outlawed to keep a donkey in your bathtub.

33. Because of their close proximity, Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia have a major heated rivalry, known appropriately as "Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate."

34. The nationally renowned Georgia Tech marching band invites students from across Atlanta universities that do not have football programs to participate.

35. Atlanta is home to the South's greatest art museum and one of the most visited museums in the entire world, the High Museum of Art.

36. This famous tradition at Georgia Tech is a rare occurrence, but not for lack of trying. Students historically have tried to steal the "T" from Tech Tower, the administrative building.

37. ATL's Peachtree Road Race is the largest 10K race in the entire world. It's held every year on the Fourth of July.

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